Affiliate Marketing-For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing

in this Guide, I’m going to explain to you what affiliate marketing is and break it down into plain easy-to-understand English for Beginners even if this is the first time you have heard about Affiliate Marketing.

By the end of this guide, you will understand what affiliate marketing is and how you can get started.

Ok so let’s get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing?


The best definition for affiliate marketing is from Pat Flynn.

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make”

There are many different affiliate programs online such as ClickBank, Cj etc.

Most companies or services they have what is called an affiliate program that you can join.

This option free to join most of the time. This gives you the ability to promote their product and earn a commission.

You can find a link to join a company’s affiliate program at the footer of the company’s website.

When you join a company’s Affiliate Program you will be provided with a something called an affiliate link/Affiliate ID.

This is a special link that will allow you and the company to track the sales that were produced by you.

You will be able to track to see how many persons clicked on your link vs how many persons actually buy the product that you promote. The company will be able to track this result and ensure you get paid.

The technology that is used to track affiliate links is normally 99% accurate.

Of course there are times when sales or clicks are not tracked accurately but 99% of the time you get a commission for all the sales you produced from promoting the product.

Why Be an Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate Marketing is a good start if you are looking to start producing a passive income online because:

  • you don’t have to create a product
  • you don’t have to create a service
  • you don’t have to be the expert
  • you don’t even have to really sell the product

What your doing is basically sharing a product or service that you might have used before to people that you might know maybe a family member, friend or your social media following.

 You can also promote an affiliate product to your email list or subscribers for example YouTube whatever it may be.

You are sharing the product or service with them at the same time you are endorsing a relationship for future affiliate products that you might promote which they might be interested in also.

When Someone clicks on your affiliate link they are taken to the company or the seller’s website.

This is where the seller does all the marketing for the product. They will provide the customer support and the delivery of the product for you.

Sounds easy right?

So basically, what you are doing is sending traffic someone else’s way and get paid for every sale that is generated.

Just by sharing information about the product and offering recommendations to your visitors or subscribers/followers etc.

Affiliate marketing is always a win-win for everybody involved.


Because it’s a win for the company or the person selling the product because they have now acquired a customer which wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for you.They didn’t have to go out and search for those customers that are interesting in their product..

Its also a win for you because you get the chance to earn money and commission for putting out little effort.

because :

you didn’t have to come up with the idea of creating a product…

You didn’t have to be the expert….

You didn’t have to spend the time and money to create the website and all that sort of stuff..

…you easily get paid just by leveraging your subscribers or

followers or list or traffic in some way..

Now for the customer is a win because they now get benefit from the product or service, and most times the product solve a problem, meets their need and help them out in different ways…

Affiliate Marketing is something that every successful business owner that I know leverage because it makes sense.

Let’s say you have a business selling supplements, Or a teaching person to master expertise then is would make sense to find information products or digital products that can compliment that, which you can also promote and earn money.

Also if you have an audience of people in the health and fitness space (for example persons that are looking to lose weight.)

You’re not going to invent a weight loss product hence what you can do is join a weight loss product affiliate program and promote their product instead.

Isn’t that easy?  

Also, you could find fitness equipment selling on a website that has an affiliate program that you can join then you could recommend those products to your audience.

 So basically, what it is you’re partnering, your joint venturing with other businesses and companies and that’s a grea way to start any business is to partner with other established business/company.

Your main job as an affiliate is jus to focus on one thing.

all you must focus on is getting traffic, visitor or subscribers. That’s all you have to focus on to start.

Eventually you can create your own product or service if you want in the future. But affiliate marketing is a great place to get started.

Because you don’t have to take any risk.

Creating a business and creating a product can be very risky you might fail, it might not work out the way you want and that can cost you a lot of money, a lot of time and you got to have customer support..

There is just a lot to think about that are involve with creating a product.

otherwise you can just focus on building a blog or YouTube channel or a Facebook page or Instagram or snapchat..

You focus on one or few streams of traffic where you attract people to you then you can then easily funnel people into other people or company product and earn a lot of money from affiliate commission doing that.

Affiliate Programs you can start with.


which you might already know of. Amazon is the number one online retailer. Amazon has an affiliate program call Amazon associate which anyone can join free of cost, then basically you can now promote any product on Amazon.  

Whatever product you decide to promote they’ll give you a unique affiliate link. This is a special link just for you that you’re going to use to put it on your blog, Facebook, you can put it any email, Twitter or on YouTube ..

If you use that link lets say for a laptop from Amazon or any other product on Amazon.

When someone clicks on that link and they go and buy you earn a commission from that product.

Every affiliate Program is different. for example with amazon because its mostly physical products they will give you 5-10% commission and then it slowly goes up as more products that you sell.

With amazon’s affiliate program they actually pay you for every product that someone purchase within 24 hours after clicking your affiliate link..

So for example if someone buys a TV ,a thousand dollar TV you’re going to earn a 5-10 percent commission on that. But also, people don’t just buy one product when they are shopping especially on retail websites the might buy a

wall-mount, an apple tv, they might buy PlayStation 4 etc.

So, you’ll earn Commission for all those additional products that they buy within 24 hours which is cool right?.

eBay also has an affiliate Program.

There’re affiliate networks where you can actually look at a whole marketplace of products that you want to promote and earn a commission from. For example, ClickBank.

Most products or services online has an affiliate program for it.

I haven’t come across many that doesn’t have an affiliate program.

This allows you to share products that you have benefited from or might have helped you solve a problem, this can be the same results if you share these products to other people and earn affiliate commission from that.

Without having to take all the risk. And without having to try to sell.

Which a lot of people don’t like to sell.

Infect I know a lot of entrepreneur that have been able to build a very successful online business and affiliate marketing is one of their top streams of income which they leverage by sharing other peoples product and earn millions of dollar and it’s always a win-win.

If I have people that follow me online.I’ve got subscribers, I got traffic….I got visitors and there’s things that benefit me..

Why not share that with other people?

Why not share a product or service that’s helped me in my life and earn a commission so again it’s a win-win for everybody involved…

by doing all that other people get to support you in the process too which is really cool.

So here’s an example I’ve got a Vitamix blender which is a $500 blender I love it I use it every day make my smoothies they have an affiliate program they’ll pay I think 15% Commission which is I think you get paid like 70 bucks.

I can create a video, I can create content which I can share with people and if they click the link and they decide to purchase I get commissioned for that…

Another example  if I was doing a YouTube videos the camera and other equipment that I would use to record my videos people might ask

“hey what camera do you use ? “

I could easy say “here’s a link for the camera that I am using”

and they go click the link and you buy….

I can earn a little commission from that so it’s a really cool process because I didn’t have to invent the camera. I didn’t have to invent the Vitamix blender. I don’t have to ship it, deliver it and do all the stuff involved with it.

It’s working smarter and it’s leveraging.

A few things to be aware of when it comes to affiliate marketing

First thing is that everything is usually tracked through an affiliate link.

In some cases it could be for example a coupon code or something like that… because if you send someone to someone else’s website and they purchase there’s got to be a way to track that…

Don’t you think? 

…The companies or sellers needs to verify that the purchase was through you so that you can get compensated for it..

And so what is often used is an affiliate link which is again a link that’s unique to you that you can use in your marketing that people click through and they go ahead and purchase.

Next thing I want to share with you.

Affiliate links has a few flaws to it. it’s very minor but it’s important to be aware of.

So for example let’s say that I have an affiliate link and you click on my affiliate link and let’s say that you went to the website but you decide not to purchase just yet..

At the point when you click on my affiliate link lets say you where using Google Chrome browser.

Then you decide to go back and make the purchase after a few hours later but you decide to use Firefox browser…

Well, once you buy from a different Browser, I will not get a commission for that because it wasn’t through my affiliate link on Firefox browser that you made the purchase.

So that’s something that can occur at times which you might want to keep in mind. What happens is when someone clicks the affiliate link there’s what is called a cookie.

The cookie is placed on their computer on their browser and it’s going to track based on that. So if someone clears their cookies in their browser.

Then you know the tracking will disappear or if someone uses a different browser.

Again, let’s say someone goes to the website through my affiliate link and they want to think about it and then instead they use their iPhone or their iPad or whatever they buy’s a different device so it’s not tracked through your link there, so you can miss out on a few sales and commissions.

If that happens that’s a potential downside which is minor though. It’s not a big deal but, it can happen…

The other thing to be aware of which is actually a really great thing is that like I said when someone clicks on an affiliate link a cookie is placed on their browser and that will track usually for up to 30 days some might be 60 days or longer and others like Amazon, they track within 24 hours.

So, what that means is that if you click on my affiliate link and you go to the product and you decide that you don’t want to purchase it just yet you want to think

about it.

Maybe you want to do some more research and then you decide

“ok I want to buy it”

You go back two weeks later three weeks later you decide to purchase.

Well, as long as that cookie is still on your browser I’m going to get credit for that sale even though you purchased the product 30 days after clicking my affiliate link.

So that’s a really cool thing because you know some people might not buy right away and you can still earn a commission from that..

There’s another flaw that I want to share when it comes to affiliate links.

Let’s say that somebody clicks your affiliate link and then they decide to do research and then find someone else has a video on YouTube or a blog post and the person with the blog or video has an affiliate link on it.

Well at that point they’re going to get the commission for that and not you because it’s based on the last click,

The last affiliate link that that person clicked.

So that’s a little bit of a flaw as well it’s hard to prevent things

like that…

But there are some advance strategies that you can do to get around things like that and avoid losing sales

but that’s basically how affiliate marketing works, and I love it…

it’s a great way to make money from other people’s product.

I’ve done very well as an affiliate because in some cases I’m not the expert in certain things or maybe I don’t have all the answers.

So I can refer and share other people products that I buy and invest in and they have affiliate programs and I can share that with my audience/ followers and earn a little commission from that too .


So hopefully this has been helpful for you in some way.

I want to offer you a free gift if you want to learn a little bit more about affiliate marketing and it’s a free video series from my mentor.

You can check it Here  

Its 5 day free video series. Each video is really in-depth like 30 to 40 minutes long on everything you need to know to get you started as an affiliate for one of the best affiliate Programs online right now.

A lot of different examples is shown how he’s been able to make money as an affiliate.

So go check it out

If you have any questions please leave them below I will be happy to help.

Until next time.


Floyd Johnson.


Babsie Wagner · December 15, 2018 at 3:37 pm

People are always wary when they try something new because they have no idea what they’re doing.  We all tend to be, in some degree, afraid of failure.  What I really like about this article is that you go into detail about affiliate marketing, you break it all down in easy-to-understand terms for the newbie, and you actually take the fear out of trying it.  

There really is nothing to fear.  I know that setting up a website can be scary, but as long as someone does the subject of the website with something they personally know about, they are actually doing a great service to those searching for information and product recommendations about that subject (called a niche).  

Great presenting the outline of affiliate marketing.  You’ve made it easy for someone to start!

    Floyd · December 15, 2018 at 3:39 pm

    Thanks Babsie, Glad you liked it. 

Ngonidzashe Manzwangani · December 15, 2018 at 3:49 pm

I recently created my first ever website after a friend of mine showed me huge amounts of money he is making out oof affiliate marketing. So its like blogging was not my passion but I just felt a little jealousy of my friend :). My site is three months old and its receiving insignificant traffic. But I have already signed up with Amazon Affiliate program. I just hope I will make three sales before Amazon’s 180 days grace period.

Thank you so much, I have signed up with your free ClickFunnels.  

    Floyd · December 15, 2018 at 3:53 pm

    Thanks there is much to learn. keep pushing and stay focus.

Furkan · December 30, 2018 at 7:17 pm

I think affiliate marketing has potential but I want to know more about determining the potential of niches so I can earn more. Do you have any guides or recommendations for that?

    Floyd · December 30, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    There are a lot of resources and ways you can find to use to determine the potential of the niche that you are looking to pursue.
    feel free to check out the free course that I offer with my mentor Here

Kate · December 30, 2018 at 7:23 pm

Really helpful information on affiliate marketing!
It just goes to show that anyone can make money from affiliate marketing, it’s just having the courage to go for it and commit to trying to make money online!
Great, informative post! 🙂

    Floyd · December 30, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    That’s true Kate… Glad you love this article…
    That is the reason why it is recommended that one choose a niche that they are passionate about in affiliate marketing…

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